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Hi by the way, I'm Jane 👋

I help Charity Folk Build Brilliant Freelance Businesses that Change Lives!

I used to be an event fundraiser and tbh thought that was all I was ever going to do because its all I'd ever done. But one day, 6 years ago, after feeling unfulfilled for some time, stressed out, unmotivated, and with a huge lack of purpose; I decided to leave a well paid, secure role to set up my own business and was suddenly thrown into a whole new world.

A world that the charity sector did not prepare me for!

Fast forward to today and I'm now earning more than I was in my Head of Events role, working less hours, totally flexibly and on my terms. I love my work so much, life is pretty sweet.

But I'd be lying if I said it had been an easy ride to get here.

I've learnt SO MUCH about setting up a business, investing in it (and me), marketing, selling my services and serving my clients. Not to mention exploring who I am, my boundaries, my purpose, my identity. It's been an incredibly steep learning curve.

So if you've been toying with the idea of going freelance, setting up a business as a consultant, coach, mentor, trainer, or doing something totally different, or if you're already doing that and not getting the results you crave, drop your email in that box on the right (or below if you're on your mobile) and I'll be in touch very soon.

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